Worldwide Photo Walk to Lopinot

We’re pleased to lead a photo walk to the lovely, historic village of Lopinot as part of Scott Kelby’s Fourth Annual Worldwide Photo Walk™ on Sunday 2nd October.

Worldwide Photo Walk is billed as the world’s largest global social photography event and it is exactly that — an opportunity for photographers to get out, meet other photographers, and shoot photos. Last year more 30,000 photographers walked in over 1,000 locations, taking 6 million photos!

Lopinot Walk Details

Lopinot is part of an old cocoa estate dating to the 1800s and several old structures remain including the great house and the cocoa house. Nature lovers will also appreciate the natural beauty of the valley, and may enjoy taking a walk down to the river.

Our Lopinot photo walk is FREE, but registration is required.

The photo walk will last about an hour to an hour and a half. We have not set a specific route through Lopinot. The village really invites a more open exploration.

We may meet up somewhere in Trincity Mall afterwards, depending on the time and any SOE considerations.

Getting There

We know some of our walkers may not be familiar with the route, so we will meet at the Lopinot Junction (pictured at left) on the Eastern Main Road for 2:30pm and drive up together. The drive takes about 20-25 minutes.

The simplest route to Lopinot Junction is Golden Grove Road from the highway (that’s the corner by Piarco/Bhagwansingh’s). Follow Golden Grove Road north to the Eastern Main Road (big KFC by the junction), and turn right onto the Eastern Main Road. Lopinot Junction will be on your left, about 2 minutes away.

The Main Road may be a little busy, so we’ll meet on Lopinot Road just after the bars on the corner.

After the Walk

By now you’re probably asking what do we do with our photos after the photo walk?

Share them!

On Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Google+… you know the list.

Publish them on your personal website, blog, photo blog — this may even be the impetus for you to start a photo blog! We use Flickr to share our photos, and there are two groups for you:

  1. Our Lopinot Worldwide Photo Walk group — this is our group, setup specifically for this walk. You can add as many photos as you like to this group.
  2. The 4th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk group – this is the group for the entire Worldwide Photo Walk. Please read the rules and requirements before posting to this group.
  3. After the photo walk, you will be able to submit your best photo (one only) on the Worldwide Photo Walk website to be eligible for the contest. Contest submissions open on October 3rd at 9am.
  4. Upload your best photo for the contest now. Submissions close on Friday 7th October at noon. These are the prizes you can win.

About Photo Walk T&T

This is our second year leading a Worldwide Photo Walk, and it’s really what started this Photo Walk T&T project. In the past year we’ve done three more photo walks. Photos from our walks are on Flickr.

We look forward to seeing you in Lopinot. Please remember to register.

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