I don’t get asked too many questions on our photo walks, but this one always crops up:

“So what do we do with our photos now?”

We’re active on various social media websites. This guide will help you connect with us and your fellow photo walkers wherever they may be.


Photo Walk T&T uses Flickr for sharing our photos. It’s free, and easy.

  1. Create your Flickr account if you haven’t already and upload your walk photos.
  2. Join the Photo Walk T&T walks group.
  3. Add your walk photos to the group pool.
  4. Tag your photos with the walk ID tag, ie #photowalktt01 – find the right tag in our Photo Walk Index. (Do not include the # character in your tags.)
  5. Why tag? Tags help you find photos with something in common – from the same photo walk, in our case. The hashtag links in our Walk Index show all tagged photos on Flickr from that photo walk.
  6. Who doesn’t love comments? Share your thoughts on your fellow photo walkers’ photos. Be polite. :)


Twitter is our main means of communication. We share walk updates and photos from our walkers. Follow @photowalktt and say hi.

You should use the walk hashtag when sharing photo walk photos with us on Twitter.


Facebook is our newest channel. We use it mostly to publish upcoming photo walks as events. Our walks are open to all. You are welcome to invite your friends to any walks we publish.

You’re most welcome to share links to your photos on our wall. Please don’t spam us.


Photo Walk T&T is on Google+ but not many of our walkers use it actively. You’re welcome to connect there, and if our following grows there in the future we will create a shared album for our walkers.