Planning our November photo walk

Help us plan our November photo walk. We have four general ideas so far:

  1. lower St. Joseph and environs
    some highlights will be the St. Joseph RC Church, one of the oldest churches in Trinidad and the Mohammed Jinnah Memorial Mosque.
  2. Victoria Square and Ariapita Avenue
    lots of interesting old buildings and a couple parks on this route, we’ll probably go as far as Adam Smith Square on Ariapita and through parts of Woodbrook.
  3. Macqueripe Road and environs
    there are the ruins of an old church and cemetery, and we can also take a walk to the Bamboo Cathedral and Macqueripe Bay itself.
  4. Queen’s Park Savannah North
    starting near Stollmeyer’s Castle, we can explore the Hollows and the Botanical Gardens

We’ll tentatively schedule this walk for Sunday, November 20th in the afternoon/evening.

What are your thoughts?

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