No ducks were curried on this photo walk

What’s the last thing you’d expect to find smack dab in the middle of an oil refinery?

An environmental preserve dedicated to the preservation and conservation of endangered birds definitely ranks high on the list. That’s exactly where we headed for #photowalktt07 — the world-famous Pointe-à-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust. Funnily despite it’s fame, more than half of our group had never been!

Wild Fowl Trust ducksSo what is the Wild Fowl Trust exactly? A couple lakes, surrounded by lots of bush teeming with birds of all sorts including, according to our guide, real Muscovy ducks. Not the imitation one we buy to curry. (No, you cannot curry one to compare.)

The major lake is surrounded by a boardwalk so it’s an easy walk, minimal mud or mess. The route around takes about a half hour at a slow walking pace with enough time to read the educational signs posted around the lake.

In addition to the species of ducks and birds the Wild Fowl Trust also breeds scarlet ibises and peacocks. Have you ever seen a white peacock?

end by mischief roomThere are also a couple hiking trails that are a bit more treacherous, especially depending on the weather conditions. I won’t mention any mud mas shenanigans, but do tread with care.

This definitely isn’t a place to see in a rush. Take your time, sit at some of the benches or sheds around the lake and just enjoy the peace and quiet.

You never know what sort of wildlife you might see. I guarantee you will never guess you’re in the middle of an oil refinery.

photo credits: Renee T&T and mischief room

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