Mount Saint Benedict Photo Walk, January 13th 2013

old jug at Mount Saint BenedictWe’re starting 2013 with a promised return to Mt. St. Benedict, coincidentally also the location of our first photo walk last year.

We will meet in the car park of the Abbey at 3:20pm and head out at 3:30pm. The cafeteria will probably be closed so walk with your refreshments.

Why Mt. St. Benedict? Again?

It’s just one of those amazing places to explore. Just imagine, a hundred year old monastery nestled into the side of a mountain. That setting, that history, I don’t think you can ever run out of photos to make.

There’s the panoramic vistas both north and south – on a clear day you can easily see as far south as Pointe-à-Pierre. But that’s the obvious attraction.

I’ve shot everything from stray kittens to decades-old relics to gorgeous models.

And speaking of models, we plan to have a lovely volunteer along with us for anyone who is interested in trying their hand at some portrait photography. Walk with your flashes!

I will post more details about the model shoot in a couple days. In the meantime send me a message if you’re interested.

Sunset is a couple minutes after 6pm. We’ll stay for the sunset and leave shortly after. If anyone is interested we’ll head to the food court (Caribbean Cinema side) at Trincity Mall afterwards.

Remember, our photo walks are always free and open to anyone! You do not need some big fancy camera. Some of our walkers use their phones! And you don’t need to be a pro (whatever that means).

Getting to Mt. St. Benedict

  • From the Eastern Main Road turn north onto St. Johns Road (it’s less than 5-minutes east of the tunnel by UWI)
  • Follow St. John’s Road all the way up (about 10-15 minutes). There are clear signs indicating the route to Mt. St. Benedict.
  • The car park is about halfway up. There is a small sign on your left indicating the sharp right turn up to the Abbey/car park.
  • If you are travelling, there is a regular shuttle that runs from the base of St. Johns Road. The buses leave about every 15-20 minutes. (The shuttle is not free. At last check it was about $4 one way.)

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