Lopinot, Revisited

Still no soucouyants.

Sorry Rachel. Next time you may need to help us search.

I’ll write a longer recap post with photos when walkers upload theirs. For now, this is a quick list of photo walkers from #photowalktt09 who I know are on Twitter.

  1. @_sashadoll
  2. @anafay
  3. @carib_boy
  4. @cupcakewench
  5. @el_hari
  6. @funkyplet
  7. @garethleigh
  8. @jcamachott
  9. @kesnut
  10. @kramtt
  11. @marcseyon
  12. @mars4004
  13. @ned_v4
  14. @perrymarctt
  15. @sabeehaali
  16. @renee_tandt
  17. @theartofgk
  18. @tommyreese
  19. @traceyctt

We had over 30 people on this walk – our largest walk to date – so if I missed anyone, please let me know.

If you’re on Twitter, remember to follow @photowalktt for future walk updates.


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