Year-end photo walk – Pointe-à-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust – December 17th

Tired of the Christmas hustle and bustle?

If you’re anything like us I’m sure by now you’re yearning for a break from it all. Traffic on the road. TRAFFIC! People like ants cramming every mall and sidewalk. Wall to paint. Curtain to sew.

Nah. Take a break. Let’s get back to nature for a while.

That’s exactly why we chose the Wild Fowl Trust for our year-ending photo walk.

The Wild Fowl Trust is a 25-hectare wildlife reserve on the Petrotrin compound. (Don’t worry, we’re not going to walk ALL 25 hectares.) As the name suggests it’s a haven for several species of locally endangered birds. A haven for people who just need some peace and quiet too.

The photo walk is on Saturday 17th December. We’ll start at 12:00pm (noon if you’re not sure eh). We’d prefer if you try to arrive a little early. 11:45am would be great.

There is official end time, as usual. However the Wild Fowl Trust closes at 4:00pm.

Our visit to the Wild Fowl Trust will include a guided tour starting at 1:30pm. The tour lasts approximately one hour. We will be free to explore on our own before and after the tour.

Now, even in the middle of all this peaceful haven-ness, there are some ground rules:

  1. The Wild Fowl Trust charges a $15 entrance fee per person. Donations are apparently also always welcome. Remember they are a non-profit, non-governmental organisation.
  2. You may not use photos from this walk for any commercial purposes without approval from the Wild Fowl Trust. Please respect this.
  3. We will need an accurate attendance count and your names to provide to the Wild Fowl Trust beforehand. I will provide the list of names to them on Friday 16th. Confirm with me beforehand please. If your name is not on the list you may not be allowed to enter with us.
  4. There is no food on sale at the Wild Fowl Trust. There are drinks on sale. You should walk with, at the least, some light snacks and refreshments. You’re welcome to bring enough to share. :)
  5. The Wild Fowl Trust suggests that you wear sneakers or sturdy shoes. Some of the trails may be muddy. If it’s rainy, umbrellas are also recommended.
  6. Although they haven’t officially said so, I suspect currying of any wild fowl will be frowned upon. Act accordingly. :)

Ok, show of hands. Who’s looking forward to shooting some birds? With your CAMERA!

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